Videoclip: "Il Paradiso" by Lombroso - "Credi di conoscermi", 2007.
Broadcast: AllMusic Television.
The video is a tribute to all the artists (musicians and actors, from Modugno to the Beatles, from Jimi Hendrix to Marilyn Monroe) that influenced the artistic growth of the Italian duo Lombroso.
This was the first video realized with some schoolmates of mine after the graduation. 
Concept and Prepoduction: Teodolinda Cotti Gelati
Character Design: Francesca Pietrobelli, Cristina Poggioli.
Set Design: Carmen Ursino Lomoio
Animation and Post Production:  Francesca Pietrobelli, Cristina Poggioli, Teodolinda Cotti Gelati
In collaboration with Sarah Bazzotti
Client: Lombroso -
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